Liebster Award

Guess what, Hayseed readers!  My blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award.  Thank you, Mary J. Puckett of Zippy Quilts, for the tag.  This award helps readers discover new and under-read blogs.  I'm tagging some that qualify too.  They're listed at the end of this post.  Ten burning questions … [Read More...]

Costumes And Candy

I miss Halloween.  Kids coming to the door chirping,  "Trick or Treat!"  Pumpkins on the porch.  Watching my daughter sort through her mighty haul of candy, then helping her eat it (like any responsible parent), and both of us living on a sugar high lasting halfway into November. The best Halloween … [Read More...]

Feast Your Eyes

When I was in Jr. High all the girls were mandated to take a year of homemaking classes.  This included a semester each of sewing and cooking.  Consider the demise of our society if girls were not taught to sew a straight seam.  The world would fall apart and so would our clothes.  That could be … [Read More...]

Ask And You Shall Recieve

Do you have regrets? I suppose I'm lucky because I only have a few.  Though the quantity is small, my regrets sit in the back of my brain on sofas too comfy to leave.  They don't fade away into murky sepia-hued images; their color intensifies into a portrait of guilt and shame.  The thread that … [Read More...]

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