Musing On The Odd

Hello there, Hayseed readers! It's been predictably hot this summer in Southwest Florida but this is the tropics for heaven's sake so can I complain?  I'm thinkin', no.  I've immigrated to a land 187 miles south of the Tropic of Cancer and, oh man, it sizzles down here. Before moving to Florida I wondered if life here would deliver the right … [Read more...]

A Royal Flush

When you live in the country you're just one flush away from disaster. So here's the deal.  Our septic tank was old, worn out, and not performing like it used to.  So we called a septic service to get the tank pumped.  Again.  And we ordered a shiny new septic tank.  (Every girl's dream). The actual tank thingy was a box made of concrete block … [Read more...]

How To Catch A Gopher

It's springtime and you've got gophers.  Don't fret!  Today is your lucky day.  I'll show you how to catch kill them and live happily ever after.  First, some history.  For some unknown reason, Noah rounded up a couple of them and put 'em on the ark before the big flood.  This explains why I'm tearing my hair out now when I see our lawn go from … [Read more...]

Why DIY?

When I was young I thought it would be fun to own an old house and fix it up.  People do it everyday.  On TV it looks easy. The problem is, I've been living in an old house on country property for 17 years and I'm not suited for DIY.  I believe in DI-WHY.  As in, WHY can't we hire a professional? My husband is truly a MacGyver.  The type who can … [Read more...]