The Airport Of Life

airport moving sidewalk

Picture yourself on one of those moving sidewalks at the airport.

Have you ever noticed how they can be a metaphor for life?

For example,

Marriage:  When you get on a moving sidewalk, you’re committed to riding the thing all the way to the end.  The thing may break down or jerk here or there in sections but you trust it will hold up through the long haul.  The handrail doesn’t always keep up with the moving footpath.  They should be set in a functional synchronization, but, like spouses, sometimes duct tape is needed.

Career:  When you get on a moving sidewalk you can either stand still on the right-hand side and let others who may be more ambitious pass you, or you can decide to achieve your goals faster by walking on the left.  If you choose to stand still, you’re still moving in the direction in which you originally set out.

Burdens:  When you finally step off the end of the moving sidewalk there’s an unsettling moment or two where your body has to adjust to a “new normal” speed of motion, not unlike coping with loss, betrayal, and sadness.  You didn’t know how nice the moving sidewalk was until life made you step off.

Life in General:  You can go “Old School” by deciding to stay off the moving sidewalk altogether and enjoy life on a more leisurely timetable.  Isn’t this the way life is supposed to be?

But who has the time?

Don’t we need to hurry up and wait for our connecting flight?

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.  –Ben Stein

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