Hey, Y’all!  Remember me?

Guess what I found to watch on TV one recent hot summer night.

If you said the 1956 version of Forbidden Planet, you’re right!

Robbie the Robot (2)

Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Earl Holliman, they’re all there.  Traveling through space at the speed of “hyper-drive” in “rocket ship C57D” the astronauts complain about traveling in space for 378 days on their mission to check out some planet (who knows where) for survivors who landed 20 years earlier.

Inside “rocket ship C57D” you’ll notice there are no seat belts (which I find very reckless) and no other protective equipment.  But, when they land on the planet, they all pack heat (phaser guns), just in case.  All the thinking is done by the “Skipper”.  The rest of the crew just watch him and crack wise.

In my humble opinion, the real star of the show is Robby the Robot.  Forbidden Planet was his first movie appearance.  His voice sounds like Ed McMahon.  He can make food by analyzing the molecules.  He even makes bourbon!  I love him.


Here he is being helpful to Anne Francis.

Robbie the Robot (1)

He can even answer the phone.  Hey, wait, I think he IS the phone!


I won’t tell you what happens as I’m sure you’ll want to watch this movie as soon as possible.  I will tell you that all the astronaut dudes try to hit on Anne Francis and want to protect her from the “mysterious planetary force” which is, of course, evil.

Robby went on to star in a big bunch of movies and TV shows.  He got a face lift when he stared in Lost In Space upon which my brother and I were hooked.  Remember this interplanetary family?

Lost in Space

The Robinsons, yeah!

When I first looked back at the Earth, standing on the Moon, I cried.  —Alan Shepard, Apollo 14

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