My Fake I.D.

Santa Fe & Taos 065

On a recent trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I entered an art museum with Len, stood by the desk at the door, and inquired about the entrance fee.  The docent behind the desk recited the rates, took a good look at us, then told us the fee was $10.00 per person but there was a $5.00 senior discount.  I was prompted to ask how old I’d have to be in order to be a considered a “senior”.

 She replied, “60”.

“OK,” I said, and gave her a $20.00 bill expecting to get $5.00 back, which would mean I paid $10.00 for me, and $5.00 for Len (the senior).  Imagine my dilemma when I received 2 tickets to enter the museum and $10.00 back in change.

 At first I thought, oh boy, I saved $5.00!

But then I thought, oh dang, I just aged 3 years…..

How could that be when it wasn’t very long ago that I was carded at Trader Joe’s when I pushed my cartload of wine, bourbon, and gin up to the register?  (We were expecting family).  Sure, I’d been wearing my yard-work clothes, which were caked with dirt, no makeup, and my hair made me look like Lyle Lovett.

But that day at the Santa Fe museum, I had invested some time on my hair, makeup, and the selection of my clothes in an effort to look kinda’ decent.  You can see my thought process here.

So, the question is, have I reached the age where I’m on the edge of looking like a kid and a senior citizen?  There’s only one way to advance on that precipice.

When I was a kid I always wanted to be mistaken for older than I was but, unfortunately for me, I could never pull it off.  Now that I’ve been mistaken for older than I am, I’ll have to be more careful what I wish for…..

The key to successful aging is to pay as little attention to it as possible.   — Judith Regan


  1. So did Len laugh about it or wisely keep his mouth shut?

  2. Frank Rivera says:

    Love your musings Valerie. I just “mourned” turning 60 9/17 and I am in denial. I will never be able to share in your delight at being carded for alcohol and I will refuse all future senior discounts……….unless it is at a good Paso winery!

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