Queen Of Heartburn

She’s finally finished!

My Queen of Heartburn quilt was a killer to complete.

I hope you enjoy her.

Queen Of Heartburn, full view (1)

She’s the Queen of Heartburn because she has popcorn in her hair and doughnuts on her hat.  Her royal vestments read like a pizza with mushrooms, garlic, onion rings and cucumbers.  She keeps a side order of peppers and hot sauce to her right and left.  Blueberries adorn her collar and belt and for a little bling I made buttons from bottle caps.

Queen Of Heartburn, detail (2)

She rules with a martini instead of a scepter while seeing the world through olive eyes.

Queen of Heartburn (4)

Queen Of Heartburn, detail (3)

Weenies on the grill are in her heart; see them in the heart emblem next to her head?

Queen Of Heartburn, full view (1)

 If you want to see how I got to this point you can see some of my process by clicking here.  

Without art the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.  —George Bernard Shaw


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