A Ronald Reagan Sighting!

Ronald Reagan (1)

I just saw Ronald Reagan!  Really.

I saw Elvis at the post office last year but, believe me, this was different.

See the aircraft carrier behind me?  That’s the USS Ronald Reagan sitting off the Santa Barbara coast.  It’s massive!

I was on the phone for 15 minutes trying to get tour tickets but they were sold out.  Issues like security and something about wanting to keep the riff-raff out prevailed.  The Navy obviously doesn’t know how big a fan I am.

Anyway,  this was as close as the Navy would let me get to that majestic chunk of machinery.

Ronald Reagan (10)

Now here’s the best part!

Len and I went to have dinner at Brophy’s at the marina and I was all google-eyed, gazing at the Ronald Reagan from our perch at the bar.  Halfway through our martinis, six sailors walked into the restaurant; 3 men and 3 women.  They were beautiful in their uniforms.  The restaurant broke out in applause as they walked to their table.  The sailors quickly took their seats, blushing, unaccustomed to the rock-star reception.

A little while later I struck up a conversation with a man seated next to me.  His name was Bart.  He told me he was picking up the tab for all Navy personnel who came to eat at Brophy’s that day.  Really?  Yes.  Bart said that his son is in the Army and this was a way he could say thank you to the military.

Oh my, what generosity I witnessed, both on the part of the giver and the recipient.

Which is which?

After all, aren’t we all recipients of generosity here?


A good Navy is not a provocation of war.  It is the surest guaranty of peace.   —President Theodore Roosevelt, Dec. 2, 1902

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