A Trip To AZ, From A To Z

At Murdoc's Ma & Pa's visit (15)

I spent a few days in the Phoenix area, visiting my mom and pop.  I love visiting them.  I try to learn as much as I can about their early life together and how they made their way.  You know, the older I get, the smarter they get.  Back when I was a teenager and knew everything I had no idea they were loaded with knowledge!

We took a few day trips out to destinations like Arcosanti, Gerome, and the Desert Botanical Gardens of Phoenix.  All 3 destinations were fantastic, filled with desert beauty and lots of heat.


But this post isn’t about the places we saw.  Instead, I noticed the names of the streets we passed by.  I’m talking about the street signs posted on dirt roads out in real nowheres’ville.  So much of Arizona (and the whole US, I reckon) is completely untouched.  But you’ll know from the street signs that sometime, someone was there and something bad happened.  Here are some street names I saw out in the desert:

Bloody Basin Road – I wonder what happened there!

Dead Horse Gulch – I can guess what happened there.

Desperation Canyon – Kind of makes me sad.

Convict’s Run

followed by Surrender

followed by Hangman’s Way

There’s really a town in Arizona called Nowhere and it’s appropriately named from what I understand.  On the flip side, there’s also a city called Carefree where you can find the intersection of Ho and Hum Streets.  But there’s also the corner of Stroke and Acoma.  Don’t go there!

This was a fun time in a fun place with the best of folks……..mine!

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.   –George Harrison

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