Friendships, Revisited

Huntington Library Mag 7

A good friendship is like a nice warm quilt.

You can wrap it around you when cold winds blow.

Friends will keep you warm, dry, safe.

I recently reunited with the “Magnificent 7″ of my childhood; Lori, Sue, Leslie, Jan, Joan, and Diane.  We’ve been gathering for 1 weekend each year since 1986 but the roots of our friendships go back to elementary school.  We talk all day and talk some more all night (almost).  There’s shopping, dining, sight-seeing and drinking (we even drank tea this time!), and of course, more talking.

Friendship is a loving welcome and a tearful goodbye.

I’m truly blessed to have these 6 in my life!

Until next year……………

The most called-upon prerequisite of a friend is an accessible ear.   –Maya Angelou


  1. Leslie Cameron says:

    Amen Sister!!

  2. To My Beautiful Friend Val,
    I appreciate your patient ear, quick wit, calm intelligence, sharp memory, and occasional need for retail therapy.
    (“I’ll know it when I see it!”)
    What else could one possibly want in a friend?
    Love you forever,

  3. So great to see you Val! It went by too quickly. Now I can’t wait till next year.

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