Country Music


Ever notice how important music is?  Around these parts it’s country music.  Played loud and proud.

At my place you’ll hear Merle, Dwight, Leroy, and all their calf-ropin’, beer drinkin’ friends.

I like country music because the lyrics are so entertaining.  Here are a few lines from songs that I like.  I dare you to keep your toe from tapping.

…..Somebody’s tryin’ to steal my cow.

…..She thinks my tractor’s sexy.

…..You’re wanted by the police and my wife thinks you’re dead.

…..What made Milwaukee famous made a loser out of me.

…..I’m going to hire a wino to decorate our home.

Most songs have a common theme.  Like this:  My wife (and girlfriend) left me, my dog died, I got fired today, my truck caught fire, so I thought it would be a good idea to drink a bunch of beer.  Just put that to music and you’ve got a hit!

bar stool

When I was a kid I’d hunker down with my mom and watch the Glen Campbell Show and the Johnny Cash Show.  I guess the seeds were planted early in me.

If you’ve never heard “One Piece At A Time” by Johnny Cash, oh man, you’re going to need to.  I may want that played at my funeral, you know, to keep the crowd entertained and under control.  Why not download it now while it’s fresh in your mind?  It will make you laugh for the rest of the day.

Where words fail, music speaks.   —Hans Christian Anderson


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