Come On Baby, Light My Fire

When I was in Jr. High, Jimmy Stern was my lab partner in health class.  The teacher, Mr. Loo,  gave each pair of students a Bunsen burner to heat something or other that I have no recollection about.  But what I do remember is, Jimmy and I started singing, “Come on baby light my fire” as we flamed up the Bunsen burner.  We sang it too many times and got in trouble for it.


Country property produces tons of green waste; pine needles, cones, pruned branches, trimmings of all kinds.  So instead of collecting it all and driving down to the dump we just throw it into a big pile and burn it.

burning the pile (2)

We haven’t been able to have a burn in a long time due to the drought but because we had a little bit of rain recently a window of opportunity opened.  First we needed the paperwork;

–2 permits,

–fees paid,

–call to the Air Pollution Control District to find out if it was a Burn Day,

–call to the Cal Fire Station #21 to alert them of the exact location of our intended fire.

The planets aligned and we lit the match.

burning the pile (6)

 Oh man, it was pretty impressive.  The whole thing burned quickly, then smoldered for the rest of the day.

burning the pile (9)

I came away smelling like a bar-b-que but I’ve smelled worse.

Nothing shocks me.  I’m a scientist.   –Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

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