Bone Dry

Does it seem that every year there’s more and more reports of weird weather or is it just me?  (And Al Gore?)

If you’re reading this in California you can ignore the text and just look at the pictures but if you’re anywhere else, let me tell you, we’re parched bald out here.

Rainfall is measured from July 1- June 30 annually.  By this time of year we should have had about 16 inches but we’ve only had 3.  Three!  If it hadn’t been for the storm we had last week we’d still be at one.  

I got excited the other day when I saw fog.

Since I gave up complaining for Lent I can’t really launch into an atomic whine.  I’m grateful for what we have but still worry about the level of the water in the well.  I didn’t give up worrying, after all, I’m not crazy.

wildflowers (4)

Beautiful, right?  Instead, the field looks like this now.


Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.   –Mark Twain

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