My Olympic Distraction

The recovery from my hand surgery has been slow going.  Oh man!  But I have to say that with all the sleeping, reading, and loafing around, I’ve had lots of time to just sit and BE.  I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.  Every night I watched the Olympics and was mostly entertained except for hockey and the luge event (what is that thing they slide on; looks like a cafeteria tray).

There were plenty of other things to watch too.  Here’s some of what I had time to watch.

Mr. Lizard


And I watched this

hand surgery (3)

turn into this


I adore simple pleasures.  They are the last refuge of the complex.   –Oscar Wilde


  1. Good to seen you’re on the mend. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Dan Cvelbar says:

    Val, Looks like you are more than an “accidental” hayseed! Glad you’re getting better.

  3. Debbie May says:

    Looks like you are healing nicely. I love nature too – glad you got some outside time.

  4. Get better, baby sister. Hope you’re soon quilting again. Let’s get together soon, (“Otay?”)

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