My Beer Drinking Resolution

I’m hit and miss on New Year’s resolutions.  Sometimes I make them and other times I figure, why bother?  A few people have asked me how I did on last year’s resolution which, to put it simply, was to drink more beer.

beer glass

Here’s how it worked.  There’s nothing I like better after a long day of catching gophers and riding the tractor/mower than a nice glass of wine.  BUT!  It occurred to me that there’s a whole world of beer out there that I’ve pretty much ignored my whole life.  Resolutions are about improving oneself and since beers are being hand-crafted by a big bunch of brewmasters I thought I should give myself an education and become more knowledgable about beer.

My new year’s resolution was born =  Learn about beer by drinking it!

24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case.  Coincidence?  I think not.   –H.L. Mencken

About 6 months into my “research” I found the one that I like the best.  It came to me quite easily, poured from a draft on Stern’s Wharf in Santa Barbara.  I like Shocktop Belgian White.  Don’t get all over me just because it’s made domestically and it’s widely available.  I had to do a LOT of sampling to find this gem.  It’s a smooth wheat ale; brewed with wheat malt, citrus peels and spices, and has a slight ginger aroma.  I like it served with a wedge of orange that I can poke around in the fizzy foam at the top of the glass.


Here’s to a delicious 2014!

Can you keep it down?  I’m trying to drink.   –Don Draper (Mad Men)


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