Who Turned Out The Lights?

Yesterday it finally felt like Fall.  The temperature dropped and wind and rain came our way.

Local fall color 014

Len brought in some wood and banked a fire.


It’s all good until the power goes out.  Around these parts the power goes out frequently.  This was the second time this week!  So by the afternoon I found myself with a houseful of Pittsburgh Pirates fans, the deciding playoff game about to begin and no juice to the TV.  Imagine the horror.

This called for Black Beauty; the generator.


This big behemoth was uncovered and dragged out of it’s resting spot, loaded with gasoline and fired up.  Extension cords were plugged in and the game was finally on!  Three hours later the electricity came back on but it was too late for the Pirates.  The rain stopped, they lost the game and missed their shot at the World Series.  Better luck next year.

I’m off to buy some more gas.

Baseball, it is said, is only a game.  True.  And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona.  –George Will



  1. Joe & Mary A. says:

    Hi Val— You do have a knack for writting.

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