Easy As Pie

jane_jetson[1]Photo: Hanna-Barbera

Remember Jane Jetson?

She was the housewife of the future.

Not the “desperate” kind or the “Orange County” kind but the kind that could cook up a meal by poking a button in her kitchen.

The meal would appear instantly in the form of a pill and the family would eat in about 2 seconds.

Yum! What a feast!  Why did she even HAVE a kitchen?

I look a little like Jane; red hair, purple tights.  I don’t have her waist though.

Tragically, with all that button pushing, I think her baking skills were non-existent.

My mom taught me to bake a killer pie crust.  In turn, I taught my daughter (whose baking skills are majorly good!).  If you have a good pie crust you’ll have a wonderful pie.

This is so easy your head might explode.  I promise you’ll step away from the freezer if you even think about frozen pie crust again.

Here’s all you need:

pie making (3)

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

2/3 cup butter flavor Crisco (yes, I said Crisco)

Some water; about 2-3 Tablespoons

Combine the ingredients until you get a slightly sticky dough.  It will look like this:

pie making (4)

Roll out 1/2 the dough between 2 pieces of wax paper.

pie making (6)

Line the pie pan with the dough and fill it with whatever.  I used a can of cherries for this pie. Then repeat the rolling with the rest of the dough.

Put the pie in the oven and let the house fill with that homemade pie smell.  And you’re done!

pies (1)


pies (2)

One’s home is like a delicious piece of pie you order in a restaurant on a country road one cozy evening–the best piece of pie you have ever eaten in your life–and can never find again.   —Lemony Snicket



  1. YUM!!! Looks delicious as always 🙂

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