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This is the first in what will be a series of posts here at Accidental Hayseed, featuring artists in their working environments.

And by working environments, I mean studios.

And by studios, I mean barns, stables, sheds, buildings that have had a former life.

The country life lends itself to creativity especially if you can carve out a space that’s dedicated just for that purpose.

At Katie's place (7)

Santa Barbara resident, Katie Upton, has been a professional artist for 30 years.

I first saw her work about 5 years ago in a gallery in Santa Barbara.  What stuck me most was the scale.  Her work in really big and, for me, hard to walk away from.

At Katie's place (3)

The color, oh!  And how about this?  I’m not a horse owner and don’t really know my way around them but Katie’s horses on canvas are compelling to say the least.

Here’s more.  Enjoy!

At Katie's place (8)

Thank you, Katie, for letting me take a peek into your studio!

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