I usually whine about the local country fauna because they’re so pesky when they eat all my stuff.  But today I’m sharing a picture of these guys with you.

You can’t look at them and not smile!

I’m smiling because they’re behind bars and not feasting in my yard.

racoons 2

Down the road a spell, lives my friend, Piper.  She came to have these raccoons and their other siblings by accident.

She tells the story best:

“These raccoons were orphaned as tiny babies when their mom was hit by a car.  They were bottle-fed by a member of Pacific Wildlife Care.  They came to me at  about 2 1/2 months of age and stayed for about 6 weeks or so.  I fed them puppy chow and lots of different fruits and vegetables and table scraps.  They were extremely tame, and were eventually returned to the wildlife center so they could “wild up” before being released back into the wild.  I have heard that raccoons usually stay with their moms for about a year, and really need their guidance/teachings to survive in the wild.  These raccoons will eventually be released in an area where someone can feed them occasionally until they can learn to survive on their own.  Pacific Wildlife Care currently has 10 raccoon babies.”  —Piper Hunter

What a generous heart you have, Piper!

I just hope they’re not going to be released in my direction…

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