Missing The Bus

Portland sign

When I was a kid I took the bus to school (who didn’t!) except for the days when I missed it.

On those days I’d have to take that lonely walk back home and give my mom the bad news.

She’s drive me to school but she wasn’t happy about it.

I made sure it didn’t happen again.

……….until it did.

What does this have to do with anything?  OK.

Last week Len and I took a quick trip to Portland, my favorite city.

Transportation here in the country is limited to my car, the pick-up truck, the tractor, or my legs but it’s a long walk to anywhere.

So it’s no surprise that I get giddy at the thought of public transportation.

I know, it doesn’t take much to get me going.

Len and I went to the Pearl District via the streetcar from out hotel.  We found a restaurant with seating out on the sidewalk and the weather cooperated with 75 degrees even after sunset which was a meteorological luxury for us.  At home we’d have to be in heat wave to sit outside after sunset without at least a jacket.

After we ate we strolled  back to the bus/streetcar stop.

Portland bus stop sign

I was tired and wanted to get on that bus which was due in 10 minutes.

Then Len heard music about a block away (what is it with men and music?) and lured me away from the bus stop and into the Streetcar Bistro.

Well this was a nice little place with tons of handcrafted beer (it’s Portland, remember?) and, of all things, whiskey tasting like you wouldn’t believe!

We ordered a nightcap and I quickly paid the tab so we wouldn’t miss the bus.  The music started and the next time I looked up I saw that dang bus leaving without us!

At first I was mad (at Len, of course) knowing that the next bus required a 20 minute wait.

But then (and this isn’t the whiskey talking) I realized that I should have missed more busses in my life.  I get caught up in anticipating the next “bus” and staying on a schedule.  Why not live carelessly now and then?  There are too many things that are out on our control anyway so why not enjoy life as it comes?  When I saw that bus roll by the window of the Streetcar Bistro I saw a message to look up at the long view instead of studying everything up close.

Note to Self: It’s OK to miss the bus!

A life of unremitting caution, without the carefree–or even, occasionally, the careless–may turn out to be half a life.  —Anna Quindlen



  1. M. Bolyanatz says:

    Good view on “life-as-it-is,” baby sister. Love You, Sha

  2. We were at the Streetcar last time we were in Portland. Loved it. Next time you go, ask us where the distillery’s are.

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