Hayseed Bags Squirrel!

Mark your calendar!  On this day I caught my first squirrel!


I’ve been chasing squirrels around the property for almost a year.  They’re destructive varmints (are there any other kind?) who have recently set up squatters’ rights.  The day I saw my first one sitting under the Japanese Maple I knew I was in for a fight.

Off I went to Farm Supply where I screeched into the parking lot and the conversation went like this:

Farm Supply Dude: “Help you, Ma’am?”

Me: “Oh man, I need to catch a squirrel!”

Farm Supply Dude: “Do you have a ground squirrel or a tree squirrel?”

Me: “Uhhh, well, I saw it running around on the ground but it looked capable of climbing a tree if it wanted to.”

Farm Supply Dude: “You need the SQ-3000.”

Ten minutes later I was setting up the SQ-3000 contraption with an artful display of tempting-looking bait (apple peel and pecans).  Months went by with no luck.

Len thought I was wasting my time until squirrels were seen burrowing into his man cave.  The thought of large rodents partying in his shed where he keeps all his tools and stuff was justtoo much to bear so, ever hopeful, I set up my contraption and that’s where I bagged one!

squirrel caught

You can imagine my excitement!

I carefully loaded the thing into the trunk of the car and drove it two and a half miles to the nearest busy intersection.  Sometimes this intersection has as many as 3 cars going in all directions at one time.


I set the trap down on the side of the road and, using a long stick, I opened one side of the trap so nature could take it’s course and that squirrel took off like you wouldn’t believe!  It didn’t run into the street, just ran up the side of the road, then into the field where the cows graze.  I guess that’s best.

I’m sleeping well tonight.

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