Catch And Release

Well, I got all excited when I checked my squirrel trap and saw it had been sprung!  I carefully walked closer to it (the thing still scares me a little) and saw some weird looking fur sticking out of it.  At that point I thought it was just an ultra-furry squirrel.

possem in trap


This ugly thing is a possum.  Check the teeth!  Oh man.  Check the back paw that looks like a hand with an opposable thumb!  Ew.

I threw it in the trunk of the car, burned rubber down to my favorite intersection, used a long stick to open the cage and after all that, I had to shake the stupid thing out of the trap!

Being a hayseed is not for the chicken-hearted…

We have nothing to fear but……..we’re still scared.   —7 year old, Olga Corsi in Sunshine Magazine

Oh hey, look how in the picture it looks like my car is on top of the trap.  I know that’s bad picture taking but I love stuff like that especially when it happens by accident.  And believe me, I didn’t try to set that up, I was shaking so much.

I hope this makes you feel good about whatever it is you have to do today.

Thanks for reading!


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