Barns In My ‘Hood

There’s something about a barn…

barns (7)

   Around these parts barns are everywhere.  I feel compelled to stop and star at them.

barns (5)

One of the most interesting things about them, besides their rustic beauty is what they house inside.  Some of them have the predictable animals, cows, sheep, goats, whatever, but more often they’re a receptacle for stuff.  Stuff like tractors, mowers, tools and myriad of other assorted country stuff.  They’re an extension of the garage but unlike garages, they’re beautiful!

barns (4)

This one is my friend, Jan’s barn.  Isn’t it cute?  I love the sliding door.  It used to house llamas and baby chicks.  That box above the door is an owl box.  Any owls in there, Jan?

barns (1)

Here’s one I pass everyday.  What a beauty.  I think it’s a rental house because it’s very tidy and there’s always a car in front.

barns (2)

Here’s a peek at one just up my street.

barn (2)

This is a shot of it close up.  My neighbor is an artist and he built it to be his studio.  Nice idea, huh?

barn (1)

Of course some barns just have to show off with their grandness and animal inhabitants like this one.

barns (3)

Stop and look if you have the time.  Barns make you exhale slowly.

Happiness hides in life’s small details.  If you’re not looking, it becomes invisible. 

–Joyce Brothers

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