Weird World Of Plants

Oh man, I love succulents!

succulent show (1)

Here are the reasons I like them:

  • They’re weird to look at.
  • They have even weirder blooms.
  • They don’t need me to worry over them.
  • Gophers don’t like ’em.

Check this out:

Some are prickly.

succulent show (5)

Some are fuzzy.

succulent show (10)

You can never know by looking at them how they’re going to bloom (but they all do).

succulent show (7)

And some are, well,

succulent show (6)

This country property has been so much work that I’m replacing my flower beds with succulents.  This has been the answer to slaving away in the yard and trying to put a hex on the gophers before they eat everything I hold dear.

I took these photos at the annual show of the SLO Succulent Society.  To learn more click HERE

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