Water And Words

OK, living in the country isn’t all about gazing at the rolling hills and breathing fresh air.  As a matter of fact, crap always seems to be happening.

guy on ladder

  For example, the other day my husband was up on a tall ladder.  When he lugs the ladder around I get nervous because the chainsaw is usually involved.

This time he was wrestling some vine out of some opening to the attic.  He came in for lunch, then a big wind came up, knocking over the ladder.  Said ladder fell on some old rusty looking pipe that snakes around under the house until it ultimately sticks out from the bottom of the house right where the ladder fell.  A geyser of water spewed up like you’ve never seen.  Ever seen Old Faithful at Yellowstone?  The water main had busted.

Len ran out, turned off the water to the house (you know there’s one big knob that will do that?), jumped into Rusty-the-pickup-truck, and sped down to Farm Supply swearing the whole time; something about Jesus, Mary, and Joseph on a pony.  He came home with a metal part that was big and shiny with a twisty thing at each end.  Then, using the biggest pipe wrench I’ve ever seen, he spent about 2 hours fixing the thing.

The water is back on but just today I noticed that it leaks a little at the place where he put that shiny thing on.  I’m gonna’ have to tell ‘im.

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