Testosterone And Food On Fire


Since the days when Man was dragging his knuckles and carrying a club, he’s been fascinated by fire and raw meat.  One night, while dining on a dinosaur filet, a hunk of meat fell into the fire and charbroiling was invented.

Fast forward a bunch of years to today and the fascination continues.

The 4th of July is approaching so you can make your own observation and tell me if I’m wrong.  Check this out: where 2 or more men are gathered and a working barbecue is within 50 feet they will be paying homage to the god of charcoal (or propane).  They’ll be jaw-boning about the best way to arrange the coals to achieve the maximum char-to-flavor coefficient.  They’ll be poking big forks into the cooking meat more often than is necessary by most culinary standards.  They’ll stand in awe at the height of the flames.  Much beer will be swilled.

I love the 4th of July and everything it represents; the struggle and achievement of freedom.

I love America!

I love barbecues and the men who operate them!


  1. No email notification but love this post!! Can’t wait for the 4th!!

  2. I Love America too! Looking forward to some tasty meat and spectacular blasts of colored lights in the sky !
    Lets celebrate our FREEDOM the american way! Don’t forget the apple pie!

  3. I always say that my man got passed over when they handed out the gene for grilling with fire. He would rather make reservations than dinner, however it’s cooked.

    Good for you, Val. Love the blog idea! What a cool way to share little bon mots of your witty way with words (alliterative, yes?).

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