Lunar Loco

corn planting moon (5)

Check it out!!

You probably know from previous posts that I’m crazy for the moon.

This was the Corn Planting Moon.  I took this picture on May 25.  It was still light outside when I saw the moon rising above the ridge.

Doesn’t it look like it’s going to fall onto that house?

corn planting moon (2)

I have a new camera and I was fumbling around with the buttons when I snapped this one.  I was noodling around with the flash and I don’t know what all else when this dramatic one was taken.

Can you stand one more?  There was a single wispy cloud in the sky.  The moon looked like an eyeball with an eyebrow, don’t you think?

corn planting moon (1)

I can hardly wait for the Strawberry Moon, June 23!

Old-timer:  One who remembers when the moon inspired only romance instead of space travel. –Definition

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