The Magnificent Seven

Boy, howdy, am I a lucky girl!  I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles, namely San Pedro, and collected the most wonderful assortment of friends.  My childhood was richly endowed with the friendships I made with these six girls.  We shared girl scouting, elementary school, Jr. high, high school, even charm school though some of that education was wasted on us.

Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer. —Ed Cunningham

For the past 27 years we’ve been reuniting for a weekend full of laughter, support, compassion, tears, acceptance, and love.  We choose a different city in which to meet each year.  Here we are 2 years ago in Temecula, the last time we were all able to be together.  (That’s me, second from the right).


Last weekend we met at the coziest hotel in Ojai; The Emerald Iguana Inn.  We were incomplete without Diane and Joan who had to address serious family issues and couldn’t join us this year.  We were The Magnificent Seven minus two; Jan, Lori, Sue, Leslie, and me.

We spent the weekend talking, eating, shopping, swimming, and, I’m proud to say, hiking for 90 minutes.  My shins still hurt from all that……

Until next year……..

In friendship we feel nothing false or insincere; everything is straightforward and springs from the heart.—Cicero


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