Surgeons With Chainsaws

  This morning I woke to the sound of chainsaws. We had to have tree surgery preformed on the property. There were men dressed in tool belts and hard hats, swinging on heavy ropes in the pine tree outside my dining room window.

Tree Surgeon

You’d think that country living would be quiet and peaceful (and for the most part, it is) but on any given day you can hear the sound of a riding mower, chainsaw, wood chipper, weed whacker or neighborhood dogs chasing after wild varmints of some kind.  Today it was our turn to add to the cacophony.

 Sadly, two other trees had died and had to be taken completely down.  They were atomically big!   I don’t know which is a sadder sight to see; the trees standing dead as sentinels to their former glory or……..

tree trim 1 (1)

…..the emptiness of the space they used to occupy.

tree trim

When it was all finished I did learn an important thing.  You get a different view of things when you take something away.  This is an easy notion to apply to life too but I must say, the new view of the hills in the distance really brought it home.  I miss the trees but I don’t miss staring at their deadness.

I hope you find peace and quiet in the shade of a tree!

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