Bugs That Bug Me

Here’s an example of true country living:

Every year in the Spring it’s the same.

 I’m sitting on my sofa, snuggled under a quilt, looking forward to another episode of Masterpiece Classics, Mr. Selfridge, to be exact.  I’m indulging with my friends, Mr. Cabernet Sauvignon and Mr. Dark Chocolate from Trader Joe’s (only 100 calories per bar!).

wine 002

About 15 minutes into the show a parade of bugs starts marching across my living room floor.  I couldn’t believe it.  A spider, 2 crickets, and a stink bug!


All within 10 minutes of each other.  When I see a bug in the house I just have to get it.  But let’s be clear, I’m NOT a catch-and-release kind of gal.  Lucky for me, my husband left his shoes in the living room before going to bed so I had a handy weapon to use.  Those crickets were a challenge.  All that jumping; and I’m talking about ME!

I find more bugs inside the house in the Spring than any other season.  I wonder if it’s the same way everywhere……….?


  1. Dave McCurdy says:

    I love your blog. Particularly your septic tank story and you catching animals. And I am a huge Mr. Selfridge fan as we’ll.

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