Spring Has Sprung

Look what I found sprouting up all over my yard!  I planted daffodil bulbs years ago and each spring I don’t remember until they surprise me with their Spring-looking happiness.  I’ll cut every one I see and bring it inside.
Here are some other signs of new life around these parts.  Meet Blackie (or maybe I should say, “Meat Blackie”), our neighbor’s calf.  When I walk by his corral on the way to my mailbox he gets all excited and runs around, kicking up his heels.  Did you know, calves act a lot like puppies?
There is a 66-acre parcel next to our property where the owners have run a small cow/calf enterprise for years.  The babies are the cutest country things you’ll ever see.  This one is fresh born; just a couple days old!
The Mulberry tree is just waking up.  This is Spring.
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