Felix The Country Cat

When my brother and I were kids we’d get up early on Saturday mornings to watch our weekly dose of mind-numbing cartoons on TV.  We were walking proof that sitting too close to the TV turns your brain to Jello.
Felix The Cat came on right after Heckle and Jeckle.  (How can I remember that when I can’t remember where I parked the car yesterday?)
Felix and his nerdy sidekick, Poindexter, had an arch enemy named Master Cylinder.  He, Master Cylinder, had a deformed body because of too many radiation experiments gone wrong.  He was always scheming to get rocket formulas and designs for spaceship equipment from Felix and Poindexter who, I guess, knew how to make that stuff.  Anyway, by the end of each show Felix would open his bag of tricks and pull out something to foil the evil doers.
Felix the cat 1
Fast forward 50 years.
  Here in the country I have my own Felix the cat to save the day.  He’s really not mine but he patrols the property every day.  I don’t know where he lives.
He’s my hero because more than once I’ve seen him run by my window carrying a mouse.  He doesn’t take any guff from anybody (an attitude I admire) and he’s never let me get close enough to pet him.  It looks like he’s rarely missed a meal and with that extra mouse protein I guess he’s doing okay.
Thank you, Felix.  Now, about those gophers…..

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