What A Dump!

Have you ever been to the dump landfill?  Oh, let me tell you, living in the country isn’t all glamour.  Since we don’t have city trash pick-up here at the homestead, we stockpile our trash. Then, about every 3 months, we throw it into the pickup and make the drive to the dump.  We compost all the organic stuff and recycle all the plastic, metal, glass, and paper.  That leaves very little actual trash to deal with but after 3 months or so we are swimming in recycleabels.  The green waste; tree prunings, pine needles and leaves (I have more than I can compost), weeds, and various oddball trimmings are burned in a big bonfire in the middle of the field which is “fueled” by a current burn permit.  After all, we are law-abiding (pretty much).  So when we can fill the back of the truck, off to the dump we go.  Here’s my message, and this is important.  Don’t let your man go to the dump unaccompanied!  If you do, the conversation upon his return will go something like this:
Me: (seeing a bunch of crap in the back of the truck after he arrives home)  “Was the dump closed today?”
Len: “No.”
Me: “So what’s all that stuff in the back of the truck?”
Len: “Can you believe someone was throwing this away?”
Do I really have to say any more?
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