New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!
I hope you rang in the new year well.
We had a quiet evening here until midnight when I went outside and clanked my pots and pans together; an annual ritual.  The neighbors in this little valley do the same thing.  The commotion lasts about 30 seconds, then the new year is officially rung in.
On to my resolution!
This year it involves beer.  Specifically, drinking beer.
Here’s how it works.  I’m pretty much a wine drinker.  I don’t know my way around beer.  Oh, I like a light beer every 6 months or so but there’s a whole world of hand-crafted beer out there just waiting for someone like me to taste it.
So, I’m going to give myself an education by finding out what I like (and don’t like) in a beer.  At brew pubs I’ll be ordering “flights” to taste.
Oh, and it would be good to lose 10 pounds too………
Hope you have a delicious 2013!

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