Method Of Payment

It’s funny, once you start paying attention to something you start to notice it everywhere.  Here’s what I’m talking about.
The honor system.
I love it; the whole idea of it gives me a good feeling.  And now that it’s on my mind I see examples of it everywhere!
There’s a flower stand on my country road.

Each week there are bouquets of flowers tied together and offered at the stand.  Whatever is in season is offered for sale just yards from the property on which it’s grown.  You drive or walk up, select your bouquet, drop your money in the little brown box, and you’re happy for the rest of the day.

Then there’s the vegetable stands.  There’s one of these on my street too though it’s closed for the winter.

I’ve also seen one in Shell Beach in front of someone’s house, just at the curb.
There’s also a wheelbarrow full of Hass avocados on the other side of town.  Take what you want from the wheelbarrow on the sidewalk and drop your money in the box, bag, or birdhouse.  Doesn’t that make you feel good?

I tried this once with Halloween candy.

I set the candy in a bowl on a card table outside my front door (when I lived in a real town, not the country) and went to take my daughter trick-or-treating.  I half expected the bowl to be cleaned out by the time we got back but, sure enough, there was still some candy left!

I bet you’ll stumble across an example of the honor system sometime this week now that I’ve put a bug in your ear!
Thanks for reading.

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