I got up this morning and it was 58 degrees in the house!  We’ve been burning a lot of wood in the fireplace during the playoff games this weekend and the heater has been cranked to mmmm-toasty.  I like the cold weather as long as it stays in January.  Just don’t give it to me in June.
We came home the other day to our house with no heat, no hot water. It turned out our propane tank was completely empty!  I made a panicky call to Western Propane and they were here in 30 minutes with their big truck and hose, pumping our tank full again.
The overnight temps were in the high 20’s which is rare so we decided to cover our fruit trees.  See these sweet little apples?
Wouldn’t it be a shame to see them wasted because of frost?  We have a tough enough time keeping the birds, rabbits, and deer off them.  We covered the lemon and orange tree too.  The orange tree is making it’s first debut with blossoms this year.Stay warm and have a great Monday.

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