…..and I quilt.

If I wasn’t a country gal I’d spend more time at my passion: quilting.  When I was 8 years old my mom taught me how to sew on her Singer sewing machine.  She had the patience of an angel and I learned my craft at her hand.  Mostly I made garments and started making quilts when I was 12 from my mom’s sewing scraps.  Fast forward 44 years.  I’ve been working on this quilt since August, 2012.  The inspiration came from 2 sources; a friendly horse who lives on my street and the captivating artwork of  Katie Upton in Santa Barbara.

My quilt is still in progress.  Sharing my process with you will keep this thing moving….. I hope.  You see, sometimes I get quilters block when I’m unsure how to proceed.  I get in a laziness funk and the work just stops.  Here’s how this quilt has taken shape so far.

I start by making a pattern using freezer paper and my dining room table as a light table.

Here I’m coloring in the main sections so I can see the form on the paper.

When the pattern is finished (it takes me about 2 weeks) I clip it to my sewing room window blind, audition fabrics for the quilt, and make a color chart of the fabrics I’ve selected.

I decided to start from the middle of the pattern and work my way outward.  Here’s the horse’s nose.

More of the nose is forming.

This was an exciting time because it looked like he was peeking out of my design wall!

The body of the quilt is finished.  It took me 5 weeks to construct.  It still needs a border and it needs to be quilted of course.

I’ll keep you posted on my horse.  His name is Fog.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow Val this is truly brilliant, do you think I could do it on a smaller scale for a collie?

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