What I Forgot On My Vacation

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a good time to take a trip.  Hotel rates are low, airplanes have a few empty seats, and crowds are home gearing up for the holidays so I planned a little getaway for Len and me.  We set the camera in a place we knew we wouldn’t forget it and…….we forgot to pack it.  I was sad to think that we’d just have to remember this vacation in our heads but then I remembered the miracle of the internet.  Now I can share it all with you!  Here’s how it went:
We set out on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, driving 200 miles to LA.  We must be crazy to think that this would take less than the 6 hours it took but we listened to a book on tape so our heads didn’t explode:
We had a terrific Thanksgiving with family, grand kids, and friends:
Next, we flew a couple hours south (that’s Len waving):
We finally arrived:
I love beans so I ate as many as I found:

We tried this but just don’t have the form President Obama has:

I did a lot of this too:

Yes, we took a “3-hour tour” to an island:

Came back to the hotel to eat more of these:

A few days later we were back home.

Thanks for reading!


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