Tractor Repair

It’s been raining off and on for about 2 weeks.  Everything is soggy outside but the grass is growing like crazy!  Not the grass in the lawns that I fuss over like a suburban dweller but the grass in the fields.  The grass that grows there isn’t really grass.  It’s just a thick, wild, carpet of weeds but when it’s mowed it looks like grass.  It takes about 6 hours of using the tractor which is really a riding mower (what I call my “other car”) to mow the whole property.  This has to be split up into a few  hours per day.  It’s tough on the backside.
We spent some time on a rainy day to spiff up the tractor to get it ready for it’s 2013 debut.  It’s got some age on it; we’ve had it since 1997.  First, Len took off the flat tire and determined the leak involved the stem valve thingy.  Did you know you could sort of spit on it to confirm the location of the leak?  I know that sounds gross but country living isn’t pretty.
I ran the tire down to Tom at Tom’s Auto Service ( and he fixed it in a few minutes.
Then Len unhooked some “spaghetti” from the battery and installed a new one.
I continue to be astounded at the amount of elbow grease that Len produces.  He really can fix just about anything!  Speaking of grease, here’s a curious thing.  Did you know a person can buy a big old jug of grease in a store (I’m thinking hardware store)?  I hadn’t noticed this on the shelf all these years; I try not to look at all the stuff on the shelves in the garage.
I’ll close with a picture of my little crape myrtle trees to pretty up this post and get the idea of grease out of your head.  Thanks for reading!

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