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Is It Wanderlust Or Wanderlove?

So, we drove across the country from the Pacific Ocean to Southwest Florida, Len and I, without killing each other.  We should get something for that.  Especially me. We got lucky with the weather, dodging severe rain and flooding, tornados, and heat waves.  The only snag, and it was a big one, was … [Read More...]

car testosterone and time

We Sold The Farm!

Testing, testing...Can you hear me out there?  Is this thing on? Greetings Hayseed readers!  Whatever happened to that Accidental Hayseed blogger?  Was she hit by a meteor?  In prison?  Horrible tractor accident?  The answer is none of the above.  We unexpectedly sold Rancho Relaxo and now we're … [Read More...]

Farmer comic

When Fabric Has A Voice

They say that less is more but if you're a quilter you know that's not true.  More is more, that's why they call it M*O*R*E. Take fabric.  In my world, the most ridiculous question ever uttered by any man I've married is, "Don't you have enough fabric?" All quilters collect fabric.  It's been that … [Read More...]


Liebster Award

Guess what, Hayseed readers!  My blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award.  Thank you, Mary J. Puckett of Zippy Quilts, for the tag.  This award helps readers discover new and under-read blogs.  I'm tagging some that qualify too.  They're listed at the end of this post.  Ten burning questions … [Read More...]

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